Mar 21, 2024   Movies, Photoshoots, Wicked

Vanity Fair published some exclusive promotional photos for Wicked. Enjoy!

Mar 11, 2024   Appearances

Wonderful Academy Awards Winner Michelle Yeoh presented the Best Actreess category, with fellow actress and winner of the category, Sally Field, Jennifer Lawrence, Charlize Theron and Jessica Lange. Michelle wore a Balenciaga Couture gown paired with Cindy Chao jewels. At the Vanity Fair Oscar Party, she changed into another Balenciaga long gown dress in total black. Classy and wonderful!

Feb 15, 2024   News & Announcements

Oscar winner Michelle Yeoh is set to star in the action thriller The Mother.

Melanie Laurent will direct the high-octane movie being shopped to international buyers in Berlin. Yeoh will play Ann, an immigrant mother and businesswoman looking to make the best of her new life in America for her family.

When her two teenage sons stumble into trouble with a Boston dirty cop and a crime ring, Ann has no choice but to rekindle her past and stop at nothing until they are safe. Basil Iwanyk and Erica Lee will produce through Thunder Road, alongside Arthur Sarkissian and John Schramm.

The Mother will shoot in summer 2024. Stuart Ford will executive produce for AGC Studios alongside 30WEST, which is financing the pic.


Feb 12, 2024   Articles, Interviews

“It’s like brushing my teeth,” says Michelle Yeoh, the Oscar-winning actor and star of Evertyhing Everywhere All at Once, of her relationshing with wing chum. “It’s a daily ritual I would not miss. Even if we have early call times on set, I will still commit to waking up earlier, to activate my mind and body.”

Martial arts is a form of mindfulness for Yeoh, who was born in Malaysia. “The benefits extend beyond physical fitness,” she says. As well as increasing strength and flexibility, martial arts “improves mental stamina and confidence”, she says. Perfecting each technique “requires focus, balance and concentration. It requires the mind and body to act as one.”

Yeoh has always been active: she moved to London aged 15 to train as a dancer before a back injury “derailed” her career. “Ballet was where I first learned how to move with strength and intention,” she says. It proved a fruitful grounding for martial arts, which she learned on set of the movie Wing Chun, released in 1994. “Dance and martial arts have a lot in common,” she says. “They’re both about fluid and powerful movement. When working ona ction movies, I really delve into my dance knowledge of choreography, co-ordination and flexibility to guide my martial arts and help me perform high intensity scenes with grace and elegance.”

Wing Chun – the kung fu film directed by Yuen Woo-Ping, which derives its name fromt he southern Chinese kung fu practice that uses a hand-to-hand combat system of self-defence – was Yeoh’s first foray into martial arts. In it, she plays a young woman working in her family’s tofu shop, who decideds to study combat to fend off a forced marriage and men hankering after her beauty. She recalls it fondly. “There were no [private] trailers back then; we all shared meals and conversations between scenes,” she says. On set, the combat routines felt “innovative and fun”.

Yeoh was hooked. She has since become renowned on-screen for her stunts: see her opposite Pierce Brosnan’s James Bon in Tomorrow Never Dies (1997), in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000), or Steven Spielberg’s Memoirs of a Geisha (2005). In Everything Everywhere, she plays Evelyn Quan Qang, a Chinese-American laundromat lady navigating the complex American immigrant and tax systems, who switches between worlds to save the multiverse from an evil force, picking up increasingly elaborate kung fu moves along the way.

Read the full article/interview in our press library.

Feb 12, 2024   Movies, Videos, Wicked

Take a first look at the trailer of Wicked – Part I that aired during Super Bowl.
You’ll recognize a familiar face, or at least voice, in Michelle Yeoh.

Feb 07, 2024   Interviews, Videos

GP is joined today by actress Michelle Yeoh. They talked about Yeoh’s beginnings as a ballet dancer in England, which unexpectedly led to her career in acting, and how she landed her first commercial with Jackie Chan. They talked about responsibility in family and why Yeoh decided early on in her career to step away from acting to prioritize her first marriage and how she feels about that decision now. Other highlights: how the pair felt winning their respective Oscar awards at very different stages in their lives, maintaining friendships with exes, what it was like for Yeoh to work with GP’s husband on The Brothers Sun, and what they order at dim sum.

Jan 30, 2024   News & Announcements

Oscar-winner Michelle Yeoh is set to reprise her role as Philippa Georgiou one last time.

It’s official! Paramount has finally entered production on the Michelle Yeoh-led Star Trek: Section 31 movie event. Cameras are at long last rolling in Toronto as Yeoh returns to the franchise to reprise her role as Philippa Georgiou one last time. Yeoh played two versions of Georgiou over the first three seasons of Star Trek: Discovery. Captain Georgiou met an untimely end early in the first season before her mirror universe counterpart wound up stuck on the wrong side of reality, leaving her like an evil fish out of water. However, her time spent with Sonequa Martin-Green‘s Michael Burnham made a notable impact on the once all-powerful warlord, changing her for the better before she was sent back in time by the Guardian of Forever.

Now, we’ll finally catch up with what happened to her following her exit from the series in Season 3. According to Paramount, we’ll see Georgiou join “a secret division of Starfleet. Tasked with protecting the United Federation of Planets, she also must face the sins of her past.” In addition to getting cameras rolling on the first Star Trek movie in almost a decade, the studio also announced the supporting cast which includes Omari Hardwick (Power), Kacey Rohl (Hannibal), Emmy winner Sam Richardson (Ted Lasso), Sven Ruygrok (One Piece), Robert Kazinsky (Pacific Rim), Humberly Gonzalez (Ginny & Georgia) and James Hiroyuki Liao (Barry).

Late last year Collider’s Arezou Amin spoke with Yeoh for her Netflix series The Brothers Sun and while she couldn’t reveal much about the Section 31 movie, she emphasized how important the project is to her, saying: “Section 31 is very special to me, and I’m so happy we’re doing it.” Today, executive producer and Star Trek creative overseer, Alex Kurtzman also shared a statement along with the exciting news, saying:

And we’re off to the races! Thrilled to report principal photography has started on Star Trek: Section 31. We welcome our incredible cast of new characters as they join our beloved Michelle Yeoh on her next wild adventure across the ‘Trek’ universe.