The Stunt Woman

Character: Ah Kam

Original Title: Ah Kam

Directed by: Ann Hui

Written by: Kin Chung Chan, Man-Keung Chan

Produced by: Raymond Chow, Catherine Hun, David Lau

Cast Members: Sammo Kam-Bo Hung, Ken Lo, Hoi Man, Michael Lam

Released date: October 10, 1996 (Hong Kong)

Language(s): Cantonese

Genre: Action, Drama

Duration: 1h 35min

A few years in the life of Ah Kam, starting with her joining action director Master Tung's team of regulars.


→ Michelle Yeoh suffered a serious injury when she misjudged an 18-foot jump from a bridge onto a truck. She fractured a vertebra and was in traction for a month.

Script developed by Never Enough Design