Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Character: Yu Shu Lien

Original Title: Wo hu cang long

Directed by: Ang Lee

Written by: Wang Hui Ling, James Schamus, Tsai Kuo Jung

Produced by: Hsu Li Kong, Bill Kong, Ang Lee

Cast Members: Chow Yun Fat, Zhang Ziyi, Chang Chen

Released date: January 12, 2001

Language(s): Mandarin, Chinese

Genre: Action, Adventure

Duration: 2h

A young Chinese warrior steals a sword from a famed swordsman and then escapes into a world of romantic adventure with a mysterious man in the frontier of the nation.


→ A film by Ang Lee
→ A timeless story of strength, secrets, and two warriors who would never surrender.


→ Michelle Yeoh deliberately did not work for a year before filming began so she could concentrate on training and learning Mandarin.
→ Michelle Yeoh tore her ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) during the shooting of an early fighting sequence and had to be flown to the United States for knee surgery. She returned to the set at different times to film non-action scenes until her knee had recovered.

Character’s Quotes

To repress one’s feelings only makes them stronger.
Whatever path you decide to take in this life… be true to yourself.
Fighters have rules, too. Friendship, trust, integrity. Always keep your promise. Without rules we wouldn’t survive long.

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