Michelle Yeoh receives honorary doctoral degree in Hong Kong

Zai Kamal

November 17, 2023

Article taken from The Star

Tan Sri Michelle Yeoh was awarded an honorary doctoral degree in humanities from Hong Kong University Of Science And Technology today (Nov 17).

The Oscar winner received it for her success in the film industry, advocacy work as well as her sports and charity participations.

“This honour is obviously unique in comparison to most of the awards I have received,” Yeoh, 61, said in her speech on Friday morning, adding that she is humbled to received the “immense distinction” from the university.

She also joked that she was terrified to share the stage with academics.

“I assure you, I am not of those who are standing before some of the brightest, most educated minds in the world,” Yeoh added.

The Everything Everywhere All At Once star was one of the six leaders from various fields who were conferred with doctoral degrees.

In her speech, the Ipoh-born actress also told those present not to give up and to see failure as a lesson.

“I have had the unique privilege of literally falling quite a bit. I have fallen off buses, landed on my face, on my butt, fallen off bridges. I know the satisfaction of getting up, dusting yourself off and trying again.

“Every failure is a lesson and how we react to those lessons is what makes us, what makes up a human life,” she said to the graduates from Class of 2023.

“I look forward to applauding your accomplishments, just as you have applauded mine,” she concluded.

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