How does Michelle Yeoh look so young at 61? Inside the Oscar-winning actress’ diet, skincare and fitness routine, from Guerlain and Tatcha beauty products, to yoga and tai chi, and a plant-based diet

Lynn Farah

November 24 , 2023

Article taken from Style

At 61, Michelle Yeoh, who made history as the first Asian actress to win the coveted best actress Oscar this year, has used her platform to speak about how “you don’t want it to just slow down or end because you have gotten to a certain age”.

As she has gotten older, she has focused more on her health than ever before. The Tomorrow Never Dies actress is transparent about the hard work that goes into her wellness journey too. From exercise and diet to her skincare routine, here’s how Yeoh maintains her youthful appearance.

Fitness first

There’s no denying that the martial arts star is in incredible shape. And she puts in plenty of effort and dedication to ensure that her body is in its best form. According to British GQ, cardio and swimming play a big role in her fitness regime. The publication also reports that Yeoh also spends a lot of time doing tai chi. The exercise is not only used to maintain balance, strength and flexibility, but also builds internal fortitude.

In an interview with Vogue, the award-winning actress admitted that it is standard for her to work out walk up to 10km per day. She spoke about the effects of exercising on her skin, saying that she gets a post-workout glow. According to Hello! India, she has an intensive exercise routine, practising yoga and doing around two hours of cardio per day. She revealed to CBS that she stretches and shadowboxes every morning before work too.

She also appears to enjoy nature, posting a photo of herself on Instagram in front of greenery and a river, captioning it, “What an amazing place.”

A diligent skincare routine

She may have just turned 61, but her skin is as flawless as ever. This is because the star has a strict routine to maintain her glow – and she’s never been shy to share her beauty secrets.

Per Hello! India, Yeoh is a firm believer in Augustinus Bader The Cream and Tatcha The Essence. She is also a fan of Guerlain’s Orchidée Impériale mask. The Everything Everywhere All at Once star doesn’t neglect her sun protection either. According to Hello!, she doesn’t leave the house without applying sunscreen.

Making sure her skin is hydrated and plump is another focus, with Yeoh’s make-up artist Sabrina Bedrani telling Hello! magazine that she uses a sheet mask daily. Bedrani added that Yeoh ensures her skin is looked after at all times, especially considering the amount of travelling Yeoh does.

A healthy diet

There’s no denying that Yeoh ensures that her wellness is a priority. She is a conscious eater, making sure that she savours her meals. According to Hello! magazine, Yeoh chooses to eat smaller meals throughout the day and tries to focus her diet around fruit and vegetables. Her family has a history of diabetes, per the same source, so Yeoh is determined to keep sugar out of her diet as much as possible.

The Malaysian-born actress is also a fan of food from her home country. According to Business Insider, she said “Malaysia offers the best food,” listing curry laksa, chicken noodles and nasi padang as some of her favourites. Of course, Yeoh does indulge every now and then. According to Hello! Yeoh is a fan of frozen yogurt, cheesecake and enjoys the occasional glass of red wine.

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